Saturday, 23 August 2014

Bunny hops


Happy to be balancing the cobblestones of Helsinki again, a summer without my beloved home town would never be the same. My brief New York trip gave me a chance to update my classics, culottes and silk tops in this case, with some sharp new season cuts. However it’s the shoes that I wanted to boost, again. Finnish favorite Minna Parikka’s new direction has had me intrigued more than ever before, the bunny ears has undergone a little makeover that has captured even the attention of us minimal girls. I predict the bunny sneakers as the new must have thing, Net-a-porter agrees.

photos by Stefanie


Cherish Kirsten said...

Love this look.


AVY said...

New York is the sort of city you never want to leave. The next time I come there I'll stay forever.

/ Avy

Sierra Rose said...

I love the jacket!1
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Marta said...

Perfect pants and I like that outfit.

Nađa said...

Love the jacket, and those shoes!

elza beatrise said...

those shoes are ridiculously amazing ! what a great outfit x


Natali said...

Absolutely stunning outfit! These shoes are simply a must have! Such a statement piece!

Nikahri said...

You look great, love the shoes and whole outfit!

Fashion latte with vanilla

Lauren S said...

you have such enviable chic and minimal style, always so well put together! Your hair is looking fab too against the red lips
Lauren x
Britton Loves | Fashion Lifestyle + Photography -

Denisa said...

You look really perfect. xa

María Blardone said...

In love with the shoes!
Lots of love, xx

Michelle Lee said...

amazing jacket!

Alice Young said...

Your shoes <3 these photos are gorgeous!

The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

at / least said...

Big love! Especially that red lipstick is amazing!


Sasa Zoe said...

how awesome are these shoes! Love you in red lips and nails<3

Holly Rose said...

Love that jacket, love the fit! Great look :) x

Carmen Varner said...

The Minna Parikka bunny heels are spot on. They're so charming & subtly rabbit-y. :] // ☼

Elizabeth Hawn said...

what fabulous photos!

Eilish Ryan said...

GORGEOUS photos!! Love your jacket!

form42 said...

Love the shoes, and especially the first photo!

Lucy Mason said...

Wow I love those pants!! Beautiful look xx

Sophia Charles said...

You are stunning! I love your shoes!

Sophia ||

Laura lexo said...

This jacket is perfect!!!


Dominique Candido said...

perfect loook


João Galhardo said...

awesome pictures! :)

Laura said...

This look is amazing and suits you so well!

P.S. Love your hair! x

Juliana said...

I agree also!!! Very pretty photos!


Kacie Cone said...

Stunning look! I adore that lipstick!

Caroline said...

blast ! love it

Eva (Creativity and Chocolate) said...

Coolest culottes ever and love 'em with the stunning eye catching heels! xx

Tamia said...

Great outfit.

Erika K said...

You look stunning! And that lipstick is pretty amazing! :) Fashion Passion by Erika

Jeanne said...

Gorgeous pumps!

Paula Casares said...

love the shoes and whole outfit!

Eguono Ogueh said...

Love your jacket! Great style x

Gegsy Blog

Diana said...

Love this look, super chic!

xoxo, Diana

Diana said...

Love this look, super chic!

xoxo, Diana

Lizzy Hadfield said...

Perfect outfit!! i loveee the trousers!! And those shoes are incredible!

Shot From The Street | Fashion Blog

Chahrazad said...

Great photos!


Ari Camacho said...

Perfect! xx-Ari

Style Sprinter said...

What a cute outfit!!! I also like that your photographer is taking photos from such unusual for a fashion photoshoot angle. Very nicely done! A+

Andjela Vukasovic said...

Shoes on the first picture look so cool and the leather jacket is nice, maybe not for this summer days. However, cool post.

preppylove said...

That color of lips looks fantastic on you!


jessica alizzi said...

Amazing! I LOVE your blog :) x

Mira Shpak said...

Nice work!

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Laura Mitbrodt said...

I love those shoes, you look great!

Sabina B. said...

Love the jacket!

Ludo Andréa said...

Stunning, this outfit is so amazing, like the way you're styling those pants with the leather jacket and the shoes are awesome!


Stephanie Gille said...

Amazing look!

Laila said...

LOving this look! those pants are stunning!


Leesa said...

totally amazing look!

Leesa said...

totally amazing look!

ediot said...

du är så vacker Sandra
Minna Parikka är ett fantastiskt märke, gjorde ett inlägg om deres senaste lookbook för någon månad sen. älskar den och skorna stort.
Kul att höra om flera finska märken. Har du flera tips?
trevlig helg fin du
e d i o t

Teresa said...

Love this!!! ihana!

Somebody from Somewhere said...

Love the lipstick colour!

Rona said...

Stunning pictures! These shoes are so pretty!

Have a nice day,
Rona from threepinkcats

Dian Yuliasari said...

you look so chic! Love that shoes <3

xx, Cup of Scarf

Jint vd Brink said...

Wauw the jacket is amazing!!!
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Sarah Iracheni said...


Eva said...

Love this look! All the monochrome is so cool.

Jeany R. said...

wow, amazing outfit! black and white is always perfect and love how you combine it! <3

Lusting for Leather said...

Love those shoes, and you look amazing with red lipstick!



Joy Shiness said...

Love the shoes !

Bella Mason said...

Gorgeous monochrome look! Stunning photos too


Casey Marie said...

you look awesome!!



Great jacket!

Anova said...

Amazing outfit! I love this leather jacket and these pants! Great style xo Stunning photos!

Caroline J. said...

This outfit is great, I love the red lips !

xx CarolineJ

Maggie A said...

Those shoes <3 :-)

Maggie A

Mihaela said...

oh wow this is awesome :) i love that jacket and those shoes!!


Amanda said...

Always so chic!

Ketty henry said...

You are looking gorgeous in this outfit. Love your color combo of black pant and white silk top. Your jacket looks really cool with this beautiful outfit.

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alice bea said...

This outfit is just so stunning!

Em said...

love this look so much!

Romina C. said...

Love the look, and you look gorgeous on the pictures! Romi

ArantxA said...

los zapatos de Minna son una pasada, a mi me encantan los de cómic !!
saludos desde Barcelona


3girls1apple said...

That outfit is just stunning on you! Especially those pumps! xoxo

Purse Fixation said...

Fabulous look, great shoes!
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elzbthchlmrspps said...

I love this outfit so much you have such a nice minimal style! Also these photos are amazing, I hope you enjoyed your trip to New York

Marle said...

Especially the second photo is gorgeous. Red lipstick looks great on you!

Mandy Bajwa said...

In love with your shoes!! xx

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Ketty henry said...

You look absolutely stunning in this outfit and your hairstyle look cool with it. Love your jacket too.

JACK EN NOIR said...

OMG that jacket!

JACK EN NOIR said...

OMG that jacket!

Rosalinda Tjioe said...

So stunning! Love your jacket x

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Morning Elegance said...

You are soooo amazingly beautiful <3

xx Nicola

Emily said...

I love this outfit so much. The cut on the trousers are so flattering. The jacket is amazing too! Very similar to one in my new blog post!

Shanay said...

Yess girl Weerrrrkkkk!!! Great post!

K Kayilo said...

Lovin the red lipstick! You should smile more often, lookin fab x

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Shailja@BABE said...

I love the outfit.. and that red lippie !

Primrose Bigwood said...

Stunning look! Was great to see you In England's company magazine this month! Xx

Loser Girl Wins said...

So in love with everything about this look!

xx Sarah | Loser Girl Wins

Saveti za ucenje said...

Danielle Jones Hannah Richburg said...

That jacket is to die for, I love it! xx

Veena said...

Those heels are absolutely gorgeous. They match your top and your hair so beautifully! In love with youe bottoms too as they give off an artistic/painter vibe. Lovely outfit!

♡ veena |
twitter/instagram: @veenamccoole

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Lida K said...

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Lida K said...

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Lida K said...

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Mun said...

This outfit is fabulous! xx

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